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Lessons: Lessons are always private or semi-private, Natural Horseback Riding. No ring work here unless you insist. Let’s hit the trail. Riders learn by doing as they experience primitive trails, AND enjoy the forest scenery. $55.00 per hr. weekdays, $60 weekends, or 12 hours for $600. plus a free equine video. (A $720 value - like two free lessons)
Lunch Rides:
LA CABANA (5 miles one way). Weekday Round Trip $100,
Weekend Lunch Round Trip $120.00 OR OLD TOWN SPRING (20 Miles one way), or PUNDT PART 12 mile one way), weekday 1-way $130, roundtrip $180, weekend 1-way $150, roundtrip $200. Ask to be put on our e-mail contact list for these rides if you are interested & we will notify you when they are going. OR, set up your own group (Min.3 Persons).

From 1960: N. on Cypresswood, go 1 Mi., take exit ramp to R. before bridge guard rails. U-turn at bridge, driveway at Rearing Horse Mailbox. From: 1-45 S. Exit R. on Richey Rd then R. on FM 1960 then L. on Cypresswood. Follow above instructions. From N. I-45 Exit FM 1960 Go 6 Mi. to Cypresswood Dr. From 59 S. Turn W. on Will Clayton Blvd, R. on Lee, Left on FM 1960. From 59 N. Turn W. on 1960, 5 Mi. to Cypresswood Dr.

Endurance Riding Clinics:
International competitor Darolyn Butler, Gold Medalist and Five Time National Champion Endurance Rider, may be contracted for group or private clinics and lessons on Endurance Riding. All levels, from the absolute novice to an experienced rider, who would like to get that winning edge.  Prices vary with number of days and attendees.

Clinics: Riders will cover from 15-25 Miles of woods riding. (Please arrive early enough to saddle, adjust, & ready to ride at appointed time. Come prepared as if to ride a "Real Race" with all race gear. (Don't panic if you don't have or know what you should have of above---that's what this is all about... Teaching you that, how to pace, and condition yourself & your horse.)
ONE DAY FEES: Clinic on own horse  $150.00                         Plus leased horse $175.00
TWO DAY FEES: Clinic on own horse  $250.00                        Plus leased horse $400.00
Clinic on own horse  $200.00               Individual Day with CT Horse $250.00

Equine Endurance Training or Competition:
If you would like to Endurance Ride on your horse and just can’t seem to find the time to train, we can do that for you. We can do weekly or monthly sessions. Challenging sandy trails, heat & humidity will train’em up.

Call for rates to lease one of ours or haul your horses to Endurance Competitions. Tag along with your own rig for $75.
  Parties: *Girl Scout & *Boy Scout Horsemanship Badges
Arrangements available for any age party or cookouts. Catering can be arranged or supply own food. Picnic table, horseshoes, trampoline, swings, or fishing in nearby creek available along with HORSEBACK RIDING. Party area minimum is $200.00. Waived if 10 or more riding. Grounds fee of $5 is due for each person in excess of 20 people who are not riding.
  Interns or Camps:
Young riders may apply for internships or a day camp. Riders 14 years or older may work for Horsebuck$. Day camp is $500 for 5 days. Lease/Lesson is suggested for avid riders under 16 years of age-$600 per month. Management will supervise riding activities every session.
  Horses and/or Tack for Lease:
Horses may be leased (ownership privileges) by the month "on and off premise." "On premise" is $450 shared lease, & $700 exclusive lease. I.e. Shared = Others may use it when you are not. Exclusive = No one else is allowed to ride horse without your permission. "Off premise" shall be negotiated. Tack lease on farm is $25@ month. Competition with tack = $.50 per mi. (Min. $25.) Lease horses available for Endurance Rides @ $3.00 per competition mile entered. Current Lessee has first choice of their horse.
Pros & Cons of Leasing
Pro: If "lease horse " is lame, or not working out, you may substitute another horse. Con: Horse may be gone to competition on some occasions. Con: Horse could be sold. Pro: Lessee has first right of refusal in buying or using leased horse. Pro: Lessee may improve their skill level & change mounts accordingly until new level is reached.
  Lease/Lesson Package Includes:
Ownership privileges, unlimited riding, (Value $400.) 10 hours of lessons, (Value $500.), Instructional video (Value $40.) Includes Tack (value $25) Total Value=$965. Your cost $650. per month
  Horse Gentling & Training:
Novice horses gentled and trained to ride. Older problem horses rehabilitated for safer and more enjoyable mounts. $40 per day, $1000 per month.  Problem loaders taught to load. Gentle, passive training is used on all our equine friends and we will teach you how to load them as well. $40 per day. $50 per hour (plus travel time) for road service for tough loaders.
Darolyn advocates Natural Horse Keeping (Barefootin’) and will give demonstrations and seminars on physiological hoof trimming by arrangement. On Farm: Initial trim: $75 Regular Trim: $45 Off Farm: $60-75 + Travel time $50 @ hr.
Sharon Saare Endurance Saddle Representative:
Cypress Trails has new& used endurance saddles for sale. They do “bare saddle tree” fit-ting, for a perfect fit for your horse. Custom fit and order the saddle that fits your horse today.
Equine Instructional Videos:
Ask for list of videos on most horse disciplines with World Renown Trainers. 8 Issues of Horseman Video Magazine also available as well as many Endurance Event Coverages. Prices range from $20 to $90.
Boarder/Lessee Rental:   
Cypress Trails offers a UNIQUE opportunity to lease a horse by the month! You can experience "horse ownership" without the long-term commitment of buying a horse without being sure he's the right one for you.
Responsible for grooming & saddling (extra horse rental for friend or spouse $15/hr $5/hour after)
Lease/Lesson: $650 per month. 10 hrs of lessons includes video ($40 value) plus Tack ($25)
Tack Lease: Shared on premises $25 per month____ Exclusive____$75 (responsible for cleaning & repair)
Tack Lease: Off premises $75 per month
Tack Lease For Competition: $25 for 25/50 Mi. races. $50 for 100 Mi. races. In addition to monthly lease fee
Consultation:  Phone consultation: 1/2 hour $25, 1 hour $40.  Contact for prices for 'on farm consultation."
Breaking/Training: $40 per day (vet, farrier & competition fees extra) $800 per month
Exercise Horse: (ridden on trail or in arena) $20 per hour. Wrangler ride $15 per hour
Competition Lease: $5 per race mile (plus hauling fee
Competition Fee: (Stable provides rider) - ($5 per Mi. plus entry fee & hauling charge))
Natural Horse Hoof Trimming Barefooting: Darolyn advocates Natural Horse Keeping (Barefootin') and will give demonstrations and seminars on physiological hoof trimming by arrangement. On Farm: Initial trim: $75 Regular Trim: $45 Off Farm: $75 + Travel time $50 @ hr.
CT Boarded Horses:$45 per trim (-$5 discount for owner assistance during trimming/catching holding) Horses transported in: $45 per trim. Off farm fee: $75 per hour plus $50 per hour travel time.
Hauling Fee: Per Mi. & # of horses (1 = $2.50, 2 = $2., 3 = $1.50, , 5 or more = $1.45)
Competition Tag Along Fee: Haul your own rig, but hang out with Cypresswood Group. Includes use of “hot” corral, fee/”race mush”, electrolytes, stable crew, snacks & other supplies $75.00 per horse-per race day.

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